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Help - How to 'Adviser' (notify) as a print company

What is 'Adviseringer' (notices)?

This page explains how to ‘Adviserer’ to DBK as a print company. ‘Adviseringer’ (notices) to DBK are necessary for DBK to receive a product delivery. The publisher that has ordered books from your printing company must register you as a user on Mit DBK.

Here you can view or download a guide to how to ‘Advisere’ (notify) as a print company. 

See guide here.

Videoguide - 'Advisering' - Notify DBK on delivery of goods

Chapters in the video:

** timeline of the videoen **

00:00 Intro

00:15 Select ‘Ordrer’ (orders) and ‘produkthåndtering’ (product handeling) 

00:21  Search and select products 

00:47 Select ‘Håndteringstype – Advisering’ 

00:59 Select how many ‘Paller’ (pallets) and/or ‘Kasser’ (boxes) the delivery consists of

01:14 Type in an ‘Ordrereference’ (order reference) and select ‘leveringsadresse’ (delivery adress) 

01:38 Select ‘Forventede modtagelsesdato’ (expected date of receipt)

01:51 Select ‘Opret ordre’ (create order) 

01:58 View your receipt

Bestilling af advisering

I'm not quite sure when my shipment will arrive?

As long as you can give an approximate date on the delivery date, it’s okay.

I'm not quite sure about the size of my shipment?

There are no consequences for minor deviations.

Where can I see the status of 'Adviseringer' (notifications?)

You can see the status of your ‘Advisering’ (notifications) under Product Information and then under ‘Adviseringer’ (notifications.)

Where is order reference used for?

The order reference is a note to DBK.

I accidentally tapped Create Order twice

If you press “create order” 2 times, you skip your receipt image and get to “Your basket is empty” 

However, the order can be viewed under ‘Seneste ordre’ (recent Orders), including the receipt. 

If there is an error in the ‘Advisering’ (notification), Customer Service must be contacted. 

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